FS Jablonečka

Jablonečka is folklore ensemble established in 1997 by group of enthusiastic young people from village Pečovská Nová Ves in Slovakia. Name Jablonečka means „small apple tree“ and was named after moving -balladic song about unfulfilled love.

Until today, over 50 young people and childrens have played, danced and sung in the ensemble. Our program is inspired by traditional folk dance and music from our area  East Slovakia – region Šariš and Zamagurie. As it is known, traditions, folk dance and music traditions of East Slovakia are interesting, original and full of temperament . Our programme and successful choreography has been confronted by well-known choreographers, therefore we believe  the program will attract abroad audience.

The art director of ensamble is Mrs. Viera Hornakova and her  assistant is Mrs. Martina Podlipova . The „little women“with big/great ambitions and temperament. Mrs. Hornakova loves folklore and her huge enthusiasm and elan is a moving „engine“ of the ensamble.

Throughout its existence Jablonečka has performed with pleasure at domestic folklore festivals as well as abroad. Jablonečka can be proud of many awards in solo women’s vocal group singing.

We are not professionals but we know how to share and give joy, fun and inspiration to the audience. We belive that even our team activity helps to keep and protect the most genuine form of traditional culture and promotion of what we have inherited.